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SSSPL is based at the heart of the city of dreams – Mumbai! Mumbai is known for its never-dying spirit, hard work, and fun-loving attitude. A typical Mumbaikar works hard and parties harder. This undying spirit and never-call-it-quits attitude is reflected in SSSPL workstyle.

Superapp Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was the brainchild of these two friends who wanted project management to be a smooth road for interior designers. Coming from the same field, they were aware of how multitasking, handling the vendors and employees, communicating with the clients and handling the finances can drive any designer up to the wall. The launched this application, to help overcome all these hurdles and help the designers focus on their real work i.e designing and planning.

Apart from our in house product i.e the SuperApp, we provide other services as well. We are a software solutions company where we provide consulting and variety of products which suit your business requirements. We are a one stop shop where you can find solutions for your brand, website creation and many other services. We believe in providing the best to our clients and are a stickler for details. SSSPL aspires to become the top solution providers in the digital space. So hop on board and contact us to know more.

“SSSPL loves to transform businesses and brands to more efficient working models.”

SSSPL believes in giving in its heart and soul in every project. Because for us people matter. And this is not to only retain clients but to maintain a healthy and sane environment for smooth-flowing creativity. We are not the ones who run after company ratings, rankings or profit, because all this is automatically achieved post a successful project and a happy client!

When a certain solution doesn’t work, the same solution can be applied in a different way to make it work. We believe everything is doable. Maybe it might take some time but it surely will be completed. We love challenges!! Bring it on!

We put our team members and clients in the centre of all the processes in SSSPL. With an involved team and updated client, there is no room left for any glitches. Thus, in SSSPL the people centric approach is the main modus operandi.


To be the most preferred IT solutions partner globally.


To provide innovative solutions that simplifies process, enabling savings in time and cost across businesses and industry sectors thereby adding value to our clients businesses with utmost integrity & accuracy.


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No Guts No Glory!


Just like this hardcore phrase, Nandan gives in hardcore dedication towards his work. He believes that there is no right or wrong decision. You take decisions and then make them right. Nandan works in Business management and products designing which is the heart of SSSPL. He is involved in the entire process, right from the germination of the idea to the final product. He also looks into managing the creatives and promotions.

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Hard Work Always Pays Off!


A firm believer of this motto, Pranesh works round the clock to meet deadlines and get his work finished to perfection. Like Nandan, he looks in product development and has an eye for detail. With a strong background in Information Technology, Pranesh works in departments which require technical expertise. He also monitors the overall working in SSSPL. He manages the on-field work all well.

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Right Way Or the Highway.

Technical Advisor

Amit has been of great help in making us understand the nitty-gritty of software. He has guided us with lots of patience and been there for us at all stages of SSSPL. Amit explained to us the pros and cons of the utility of certain services thus helping us take accurate decisions.

Our Team

We pride ourselves in calling the risk-takers. Because we take well-calculated and not impulsive risks. The SSSPL team may be small but we are ace multi-taskers. Each team member in SSSPL is super talented and experts in their respective fields. And this expertise comes from years and years of stellar work with top gurus in the industry. The SSSPL team is efficient and believes in 100% productivity. SSSPL is for the people and by the people because our team is the core strength!


Ideation, in our opinion, plays a pivotal role in the path to success. Acknowledging that every product and company is unique, we strive to completely understand the story and all the intricacies of our clients as well as their products. Once we have achieved the same, only then do we begin the ideation process.


Keeping in mind the clients’ needs are of top priority, we conduct intense research to come to an efficient solution. This ensures that we’re able to suggest the best possible technology and course of action to execute the project, which is always quicker than expected.


Innovation, according to us, is the key to a successful product. Maintaining this thought process, we make sure we’re always experimenting, keeping an eye out for any avenues we can explore and use to innovate; also ensuring the process of innovation continues throughout the lifespan of the product.

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35 Laxmi Sadan, 2nd Floor, 49/50 Gokhale Road North, Dadar West, Mumbai 400028, India.

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